Pharma Dynamics Takes Hands with Local Tech Partner to Assist Parents and Caregivers of ADHD Children

A local pharmaceutical company has partnered with an innovative tech partner to launch a new app, geared to help parents take better care of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Pharma Dynamics, a leading supplier of central nervous system medication and mental health advocate, has introduced an app to empower families and the broader care team of children with ADHD to navigate their care journey through collaborative information sharing.

Abdurahmaan Kenny, central nervous system portfolio manager for Pharma Dynamics explains that this innovative solution allows parents to invite teachers, healthcare professionals and other caregivers on a child’s care team to monitor symptoms and side-effects collaboratively, stay on track by setting reminders for medication, activities and assessments and to keep a digital history of their child’s care journey and response to different stimuli.

“Beyond medication and behavioural therapy, a well-coordinated care team is at the heart of an effective treatment plan for children with ADHD. Dealing with the condition does not only pose challenges for the diagnosed child, but also families and educators can take strain if the patient is not well managed.”

Kenny highlights the following five components that are coordinated in the app to benefit the patient and the care team:


When and how to administer medication.


Monitor and track changes in your child’s symptoms and behaviour.


Activity ideas


Digital assessments


History of your child's care journey

Parents and caregivers will be able to track seven symptoms, such as anxiety, appetite, sleep, hyperactivity, ability to listen, mood and concentration. Expansion of further symptoms are still underway as Pharma Dynamics continues to develop and evolve the app. The app can also be configured to support your child’s specific needs at any point along his/her journey.

Kenny says the solution was developed in partnership with Augmental Technologies to empower parents and healthcare practitioners with the right information at the right time to give ADHD children the best care.

“Our vision is to provide support for all families affected by mental health conditions, however due to the acute need of ADHD children, we have decided to first launch an ADHD tool and to then expand the conditions on the app in the future. Making a product available to families at a time when they’re struggling and looking for answers, was key. The solution is intended to close the loop and enable parents, educators and caregivers to be just as engaged in the treatment programme as the child is.”

“The solution is primarily intended to support families with ADHD children from 4 to 13 years of age, and can be accessed by scanning a QR code to all the relevant ADHD medication marketed by Pharma Dynamics.”

Together with mobilising the care team, getting an accurate diagnosis is critical. If you suspect your child may have ADHD, your GP will be able to conduct an initial assessment and then refer him/her to a specialist for further valuation.

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