Pharma Dynamics – one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in South Africa, celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new corporate identity to better reflect the company’s people, passion and purpose.

The rebrand, which encompasses a new logo, serves to connect all the company’s divisions as it works in unison to meet customer needs through the accessibility of its people and products.

Wilmi Hudsonberg, Marketing and Business Development Executive at Pharma Dynamics says while healthcare continues to evolve, their slogan: “effective, affordable healthcare”, has and will always be at the heart of everything they do.

“For the last twenty years, we have stayed true to this motto, which has made it possible for people of all walks of life to access affordable medicine.”

Pharma Dynamics opened its doors in the same year the SA government passed a law which allowed generic medicines to be substituted for branded medication.

It was an exciting time, says Hudsonberg. “Today generic medicine makes up more than 80% of prescriptions worldwide and the national market has also shown significant growth. Since those early days, the company has established itself by sourcing molecules worldwide to feed the local demand, always with the purpose of serving various customers by increasing choice and access. Today we have 19 leading brands in 30 therapeutic areas and we are also the biggest provider of cardiovascular medicines in the country. “

To coincide with Pharma Dynamics’ 20th anniversary, a simpler and sleeker logo has been designed to take the company into the next decade.

“In a world where things have become more intricate and complex, we have chosen to go for a simpler, bolder emblem that resembles our purpose to deliver on more than just medicine in a newer, nimbler way.”

“The recognisable, yet reimagined nexus at the centre of the logo both acknowledges our history and honours the original visual mark. It represents our focus on healthcare through patient and customer centric solutions. Staying close to the care journey and moving beyond the pill, through preventative care remains an important part of our value offering,” she says.

“The choice of blue hues visually expresses our commitment to science and patients, and the trust that exist between us and our customers.

DARK BLUE represents our clinical efficacy and dedication to the highest quality standards. We remain focused on being a thought leader in our industry.

LIGHT BLUE is symbolic of simplifying the care journey through digital innovation. Supporting patients’ post-script by linking the physical product to disease education and lifestyle adjustment programs through the use of on-pack technology.

The use of a cleaner and modern font not only denotes our company tone and manner in letter form, but also signals the company’s ongoing expansion, she adds.

Hudsonberg says as the healthcare environment advances, so is Pharma Dynamics. “To transform the future, we need to think and act differently today. Our goal is to do so justly, sustainably and responsibly.

“Our new branding encompasses our vision for the future, while acknowledging our past that has moulded us into the company we are today. As we celebrate 20 years in business, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.”

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