5 Valentine’s ideas for your child

Looking for a few fun ideas to make your child feel loved this Valentine’s Day. Try these: 

Heart messages on their bedroom door.

For each day of the month of February, place a heart on your child’s bedroom door; written on it, one reason why you love your child. Start your message with “I love …” Include in it, love for your child’s ADHD, e.g. for your impulsive child, you could write, “I love that you are willing to take risks”. Every day, they get to wake up to another reason they are loved. (Tip: Cut out all the hearts and write them out in one session so all you have to do is put them on their door before they wake up each morning! And set a daily alarm so that you don’t forget to put it up!) 

Sticky notes on the bathroom mirror.

On Valentine’s Day, write your favourite thing about your child on sticky notes and place it on the bathroom mirror in a heart shape. It’s a lovely little surprise as they enter the bathroom before going to school. 

Fruit messages.

Sending fruit in your child’s lunch box today? Add a cute message to keep them smiling during break time! A few examples to start with: 

• I am BANANAS for you 

• You’re the APPLE of my eye 

• We’re a great PEAR 

• You’re the PEACH of my heart 

• I love you BERRY BERRY much 

• You are PLUM perfect 

Heart-themed breakfast.

A simple heart-shaped toast and egg that will add some fun to the morning: Toast the bread (slightly); cut out a heart; put the toast in a pan; crack the egg inside the heart, let it cook, flip it, and there’s your heart egg toast! 

Floating balloons.

Take six or 12 balloons and tie little hearts with little notes or their favourite small sweets or chocolates tied to the end of each balloon. Before they wake up, place the balloons above your child’s bed. They’ll wake up to floating balloons – what an awesome way to start the day! 

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