Salad sandwich

A sandwich with crunchy salad ingredients is so refreshing. Add a spread of cottage cheese as an alternative to butter for a delicious sarmie.

Ready in

30 mins

Serving size

Serves 4


  • ⅔ cup (160 ml) plain low-fat cottage cheese
  • black pepper to taste
  • ½ tbsp (7,5 ml) prepared mild mustard
  • ¼ cucumber, sliced
  • 1 tomato, sliced
  • 1 carrot, grated
  • handful of lettuce leaves
  • 8 slices wholewheat or brown bread


  1. Place the cottage cheese in a mixing bowl and season with pepper and mustard.
  2. Divide cottage cheese mixture between 4 slices of bread and top with salad ingredients. Add the lettuce last.
  3. Close the sandwiches with the remaining slices of bread and enjoy for lunch. If you are packing for a lunch box, wrap well with cling wrap or wax wrap to keep your sandwich fresh. Or pack the seasoned cottage cheese and salad ingredients separately and assemble just before eating.


  1. Serve the same ingredients in a wholewheat wrap or roll.
  2. The roasted Roasted chickpea dip or Guacamole is also delicious on this sandwich.
  3. If you have any leftover veggies from the Weekend oven-roasted veggies, use this on the sandwich.

Salad sandwich

Kids love to make their own food. Let them ‘play’ with their food and build a sandwich with their choice of toppings. Choose brown or wholewheat bread and other ingredients that they will enjoy as long as it’s healthy.

salad sandwich

Quick sarmie ideas

School and office lunches just got a whole lot easier! Be creative with sandwich toppings.


This recipe is from Cooking from the heart, 2nd edition: Breakfast, Lunch and snacks

Download the recipe book

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