Cooking from the heart

Affordable, tasty and healthy recipes for the whole family.

3rd edition

3rd Edition - Diabetes

Affordable, tasty recipes for the whole family.

Learn to cook delicious and healthy meals for everyone in the family, from the recipes in each of the four Cooking from the heart recipe books. These are all available for download for free. The books include a wealth of information on balanced meals, reading food labels, becoming aware of your salt and sugar intake and understanding which wholesome ingredients to include in your meals every day.

  • Less fat and sugar
  • Higher in protein

Find these recipes in this book

Apple bake with mixed spice

Apples with dates and nuts

Baby marrow noodles

Bean and beef casserole

Bean and onion salad

Brown lentils with herbs

Butternut and cauliflower mash

Butternut and chickpea salad

Butternut and lentil cottage pie

Chicken and barley soup

Chicken and broccoli bake

Chocolate and coconut clusters

Chocolate custard pudding

Granadilla cheesecakes

Jacket sweet potatoes with cottage cheese

Lemony brown rice

Lentil bobotie

Pan-fried cabbage

Pan-fried pineapple with coconut-yoghurt

Roasted cauliflower and broccoli

Sweet and sour pork

Tuna and bean hot pot

Veggie and mince ‘lasagne’

Veggie and tomato bake

Versatile dressing