Cooking from the heart

Affordable, tasty and healthy recipes for the whole family.

Pull-apart bread

Malva pudding

Chocolate fondue

Fruit parcels over the coals

Healthy ice cream toppings

Pan-fried pineapple with coconut-yoghurt

Granadilla cheesecakes

Apple bake with mixed spice

Chocolate custard pudding

Apples with dates and nuts

Apple and banana muffins

Date and chocolate balls

Peanut butter slices

Raisin cookies

Crustless vegetable quiche


Homemade brown bread

Mealie bread

Banana bread

Buttermilk and cheese bread

Apple and cinnamon muffins


Oat cookies


Pancakes with fruit

Chocolate cake

Milk tart

Lemon cheesecake

Apple pudding

Baked sticky pudding

Bread pudding

Chocolate and coconut clusters

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